We enable you to focus on your business while we bring in the best available solutions and services to solve the data, AI and analytics puzzle.
GlowLead is right here to solve real-world challenges with digital solutions. We change frustrations and problems into solutions. With diagnostic, predictive and real analytical capabilities, and decision moments, our experts help everyone to deliver data analytics, fast software development, business analysis and a wide range of consulting services to gain full value from digital change.
GlowLead is keen on contributing to society through the development of flexible, innovative technology solutions. Our talented team is driven by our vision of delivering innovations that will inspire the world and answer society’s challenges.

GlowLead transforms the ideas and needs of our customers into business value by developing stable and innovative solutions with high-level expertise and competitive spirit.

From individuals, startups to Fortune 500 companies, we provide tailored services to enable integrated digital enterprise, where all systems work as a whole. We are proficient with all the latest cutting-edge technologies and development practices. Over the years, create values for everyone with our special know-how model combining Agile best practices, robust project management and budget control specially tailored for remote value creation.

Speak to us, we can help you & meet your needs
The future is digital - GlowLead put customer first!

The future is digital, the refusal to welcome new technology, personal or corporate, delays growth. We help everyone to design, develop software that supplies their needs & brings ideas to life. Our greatest asset is our people, the teams working from anywhere in the world. As a customer-centric business, we put the customer first at all time. GL

Customers - are our everything

We're dedicated to creating long-term relationships with each customer. We put customer first, we must satisfy our customers with quality and timeliness of deliverables, approaches to solving issues and within budget. We are customer-centric, problem-solving, proactive, collaborative when dealing with clients. We engage and exchange ideas with clients to provide the best. Tell us your issue or an idea, we will come back with a solution.

Business Domain Knowledge

We believe that business domain knowledge is as important factor of project success as technical proficiency. Our team can speak the same language with our clients, professionally collect, analyse and document the requirements ensuring the client get the best results

Flexibility and Client Orientation

We approach each client individually. We are flexible when dealing with clients and are ready to adjust to your needs. Tell us about your goals and constraints, we will find the best solution together. We solve issues as partners and build long term relationships.


Join the forces of Big Data, Business Analysis, Custom Software, Databases and Digital Cloud and Data Science

Delivering cost-effective Custom Software, Business Analysis, Bespoke Databases, Business Intelligence, Digital & Cloud and Big Data solutions for everyone. Insight, analysis and transformation are the keys to achieving goals

Business Analysis Services

Our services include a range of business analysis techniques, including:

  • Requirements Gathering and Documentation
  • Scenarios and Use Cases, Backlog managemen
  • Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria Definition
  • Data Flow and Interface Analysis, Acceptance criteria definition
  • Document, Planning workshops and Decision Analysis
  • Process Modelling and Problem Tracking
  • Business Rules Analysis and User story definition read more

We Design BI Dashboard for businesses

We provide everyone with support for various Business Intelligence services:

  • Business Intelligence Strategy and Data Integration
  • Data Migration and Data Mining
  • Data Warehousing and BI Reporting Capability – Insight Packs
  • Operational Efficiencies – Automation
  • Build of a Power BI model and required reports and dashboards
  • Visualisation Dashboards - Storytelling with data
  • Adoption – moving from Microsoft Excel to Power BI

Finished Projects

Happy Customers

User Satisfaction

We deliver innovative, easy to use and affordable solutions tailored to your industry.

Our skills lie in harnessing the power and possibilities of the latest technologies and integrating them flawlessly into your business to drive you ahead of your competition. Delivering cost-effective custom software, business analysis, bespoke databases, business intelligence, and big data solutions to help achieve your goals

Digital and Cloud Services for businesses

We can design, develop, and deliver the cloud solution you need, modernise your business by adopting a powerful Cloud infrastructure:

  • Take advantage of our cloud specialists to design, develop and deliver the solution you need. 
  • Cloud Migration - We can help you to migrate the following to the cloud Your existing full IT infrastructure, On-premise servers, Websites, Business applications, Microsoft workloads Data, videos, and APIs, Legacy systems and databases
  • Ensure the performance, security and availability of your network using cloud technologies.
  • Cloud Security & Compliance - Remove vulnerabilities, tighten security and ensure compliance.
  • Cloud Optimisation  - Gain more value from your existing cloud.

Bespoke Databases Services

We provide DBA consulting engagements of any length or depth that you define, and deliver consulting for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, PostgreSQL and MongoDB with superior performance.

  • We can assess your current database implementation and create a baseline performance audit to determine the most effective means of tuning and optimizing your database.
  • Upgrade your data environment to leverage business intelligence for better decision making
  • Database Support Services focus on providing proper DB administration, monitoring, and maintenance of Database technologies like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.
  • We have experience maintaining large Database systems, commerce databases & Decision Support System databases.
We offer subject-matter expertise and extensive hands-on experience to achieve a high result in Data Science, Software & Web Development, and a wide range of Consulting Services.

By choosing us, our clients have been able to bring software products to market months ahead of their competitors, using data science to predict the future, consultancy services to analyse the market, gain effectiveness, productivity, and software quality, and reduce cost and grow.

Data Science

Gain insight, data visualisations, machine learning and data analysis from baggy data..

Software Development

End-to-end custom software, mobile app, software development technologies .

Consulting Services

Big data and AI, Business Analysis, BI dashboards, digital solutions, Business Support.

Websites/App Design

Full-stack Websites development both Frontend and backend, SEO, web apps.

Why our customers trust us - A reliable partner that will solve your business challenges.

A lot goes on behind the scenes when we are building products. The excitement, passion within teamwork, knowhow and exchange of ideas enables us to deliver the best for our happy clients.

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Core benefits your business gets by using us

  • One-stop software development services across technologies
  • Reduced product development life cycles with faster time-to-market
  • Enhanced software quality through efficient QA processes
  • Decreased software development and maintenance expenses
  • Unlock powerful data analytics to deliver intelligent business outcomes
  • We make sure your business intelligence work well, because we are committed to providing genuine answers for your business

Save time and money for businesses

  • We help to implement tailor-made software solutions that address your current business issues
  • Shift from legacy apps to a cloud-based microservices architecture with minimum or zero downtime while ensuring scalability and resilience
  • We boost smart data engineering with cutting-edge technologies to help our customers to detect and predict fraud, enable accurate data analytics, and achieve process automation.

Some feedback from happy customers

For everyone, we create bespoke software, data analytics and consultancy services that boost their efficiency as well as digital success. Join our satisfied customers using our services globally.

They had a varied team of very intelligent people who fundamentally grasped the structure of our technology and delivered a great mobile app for our business.

Maryam Amiri

They keep their promises and give accurate estimates of their scope of work. Within days, they built an amazing website and mobileApp for us.

Hossein Shams

Their quality of work is good, and we haven’t run into any problems they can’t fix. They built and migrated our data to a new database, and provided data security

Sarah Johns

They're incredibly collaborative and looked out for our interests as the client, they built an Online Cloud-Based Platform for us.

John Hernandez

The work they did on our APIs was critical to our success.They built a web app for our Facility Platform.

Philips Laura

I think their upfront ability to understand our business was what impressed us the most. Custom development for a communication services firm.

Anython Slick

They figured out how best to get us from A to Z using the most efficient route possible by developing a data analytics solution for our startup.

Cara Morrison